2013-2020 (ongoing)
A multi-channel video installation

My art project, titled Europe a Prophecy refers to the most mysterious illuminated book composed by William Blake in 1794.

The project is a collection, of five minute Sun shoots with a handheld camera, documented every December since 2013. My initial concept was driven by curiosity towards change. A spontaneous gesture of filming the Sun turned into a rigorous process for the annual recording and documentation.

The Sun is not only transforming itself but is also a witness of a dramatic sociopolitical, economic and environmental changes on the Earth. By focusing on the Sun, I have created a metaphorical frame to reflect upon those transformations and I ask questions about their nature, visibility and dynamic.

Today in 2020, looking at this collection, I reflect upon the Sun’s position as the biggest witness of our times, which observes a progressing collapse of our reality. Now with Europe a Prophecy I ask my audience to observe the Sun and explore its non-anthropocentric perspective. 

Sketch to the Europe a Prophecy project, 2020. I erased the figure of Urizen from the copy of William Blake’s relief etching entitled The Ancient of Days. The copy is a part of William Blake’s prophetic book Europe a Prophecy (1794), collection of the British Museum. 

Europe a Prophecy, videos from 2013-2018.