Monument of a Normal Man


performative journey
duration ~ 1h
2 buses
30 performers 

The work, whilst sculptural, was made from anti-sculptural media with very little 'object quality'. Nevertheless it did have a sense of physicality, existing as regularly moving breaths. The emphasis is on the relation between the ephemeral presence of a human being and traces that he unconsciously leaves behind.

The buses are slowly finishing their journey for the day. As an exception they make a stop at the Wolności Square and take in unusual passengers. For the next 20 minutes these people will sit in the buses that will slowly become silent. Next the passengers get off at the Kacza Street depot, experience a certain situation and start back again.

Finally the busses are filled half with performers and half with passengers that decided to take part in the project not knowing what they should expect. 

The project has been a part of Malta Generator / Malta Festival Poznań 2015, 'The New World order' and of Karolina Kubik’s project under the catchword 'a weird attraction',
with cooperation of Poznań’s Municipal Transport Company MPK.